Help with powerpoint templates. PPT and POT files. Help with powerpoint backgrounds Help with powerpoint services PowerPoint Template Designs (.ppt) can be used in all versions - 97, 2000, 2002, and XP for Windows 98, 2000, XP, and ME.
Custom powerpoint template service. PPT
How do I apply a powerpoint templates Design to my PowerPoint presentation.
apply a powerpoint template to your presentation.
How do I apply a powerpoint template design to a new microsoft PowerPoint presentation slide.
How quickly can I start using powerpoint template designs?
PowerPoint templates Designs work with Microsoft PowerPoint for Macintosh and PC?
You can download powerpoint template designs immediately.
Powerpiont Template Designs are preformatted PowerPoint Templates with Background, Font layout and design.
the Powerpoint Title Master, Slide Master, provide the background and layout for your presentation
The Print Master file: is the powerpoint template optimized for printing and audience handout purposes.
Macintosh and PC Windows PowerPoint Templates and Background Designs.

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What are Powerpoint Background Music Loops Powerpoint Background Music Loops, are Music Tracks that are composed in such a way as to allow seemless looping. The ability for a Music Track to loop and last for the duration of a presentation, or infinitely if necessary as in self-running and looping presentations.
How do I apply a Sound Effect to my PowerPoint presentation and powerpoint template? After downloading and uncompressing your Sound Effect(s) onto your hard disk: Open the presentation you wish to use the Sound Effect , or create a new blank presentation in PowerPoint. Powerpoint template .ppt are .pot files. What are PowerPoint Background Designs? Powerpoint Background Designs are graphic backgrounds designed and produced by our creative team of artists at for use as the Powerpoint Title Master and Slide Master backgrounds in Powerpoint presentations. What is the difference between Powerpoint Background Designs and PowerPoint Template Designs? PowerPoint Background Designs are individual graphic images that can be applied to new or existing Powerpoint presentations as the background for the Powerpoint Title Master, Slide Master, or as backgrounds for individual. Because Powerpoint Background Designs are graphic images, and not powerpoint template designs, they do not contain any text formatting and layout design as the powerpoint template designs. But can instead be used as a basis for building your own personal PowerPoint Template Designs.

PowerPoint Background Designs can be used in all versions - 97, 2000, 2002, and XP for Windows 98, 2000, XP, and ME. Whilst for the Macintosh How do I insert the PowerPoint Background Design into my PowerPoint presentation? Choose Background from the Format menu. Under Background fill, click the down arrow, click Fill Effects, and then click the Picture tab. Click Select Picture, find the folder that contains the background you want, double-click the file name, and then click OK. To apply the change to the current slide, click Apply. To apply the change to all slides, click Apply to All. What are Sound Effects? photo library Powerpoint photo archive. People photos. Business photos. Arts Photos Entertainment Photos. Animals Photos. City Photos. Grafitti Photos Urban Photos. Celebrations Photos. Holiday Photos. finance photos Retail photos. Food photos. drink photos Health photos. Beauty photos. industry photos Transport photos. Nature photos. technology photos Communication photos. Powerpoint templates. People templates. Business templates. template Entertainment templates. Animals templates. City templates. template Urban templates. Celebrations templates. Holiday templates. template Retail templates. Food templates. template Health templates. Beauty templates. template Transport templates. Nature templates. template Communication templates. Sound Effects are used to illustrate key or bullet points, and draw audience attention to specific content. For example, imagine a bullet point within your presentation How do I apply a Powerpoint Background Music Loop to my PowerPoint presentation? After downloading and uncompressing your PowerPoint Background Music Loop(s) onto your hard disk: Open the presentation you wish to use the Background Music Loop, or create a new blank presentation in PowerPoint., Select page you wish to insert the Background Music Loop. Navigate to the Background Music Loop on your hard drive and select the file. The Slide Transition pop-up window should appear again, with the name of the Background Music Loop .WAV file in the sound form. To loop the Background Music Loop, select the tick box, "Loop until next sound". Choose "Apply" (NOT apply to all) and you should return to the original page. Select "View Show" from the Slide Show menu option to hear the looped sound. Templates are "pre-made" presentation shells. Powerpoint template .ppt are .pot files. When you apply a template .ppt, to your presentation, the Title Master and Slide Master (text slide or secondary slide) are already available for you to insert text and the typeface, font colour, and size already set (recommendations...that you can change). Versions of PowerPoint can I use Background Designs? All Powerpoint versions that allow template .ppt and .pot files. Or PPT and POT files. PPT is the fie extension for Microsoft PowerPoint, and POT is the file extension for Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs.